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Descent™ T1 Transmitter

Track your every breath when you pair the Descent™ T1 transmitter with a Descent dive computer. Monitor up to 5 tanks via SubWave™ sonar technology so you can dive with multiple tanks or see your buddy’s air levels1.

Descent T1 enables you to monitor tank pressure, remaining air time and air consumption rate for multiple types of diving.


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Physical Dimensions: 3.33” x 1.44” x 1.44” (84.50 x 36.52 x 36.52 mm)

Battery: 3 V CR123A lithium

Battery life: Up to 100 hours

Thread type: 7/16 in. (20 UNF)

Normal operating temperature: From -20 to 60°C (from -4 to 140°F)

Underwater operating temperature: From 0 to 40°C (from 32 to 104°F)

Storage temperature: From -30 to 70°C (from -22 to 158°F)

Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz @ 0 dBm

Surface transmission range (ANT wireless technology): Up to 10 m (33 ft.)

Underwater transmission range (sonar): Up to 10 m (33 ft.)

Water rating: Dive 110 meters 

Pressure rating: 300 bar (4351 psi)

Inspection interval: Inspect parts before each use for damage. Replace parts as needed. (Aside from normal wear and tear, performance is not affected by aging.)


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