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Scubapro Galileo 3 (G3) with Transmitter

With a vibrant color display for easy readability, the SCUBAPRO Galileo 3 (G3) offers a modern watch-style dive computer in a classic timepiece look. Utilizing Galileo’s trusted menu design and four button control, it’s extremely intuitive to navigate through dive modes, two algorithm choices, screen styles and other personalized dive management options. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and built to last with a stainless steel housing, the G3 delivers everything you need in a dive computer with the comfort and style of an everyday wristwatch.


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Number of Gases 8
Gas Capability 21-100% Nitrox, Trimix
Algorithm ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG, ZH-L16 GF
Operating Modes Freediving, CCR, Scuba, Gauge
Display Type Color
Memory Capacity 485 MB
Battery Replacement Type Rechargeable
Number of Control Buttons 4
XL Dot Matrix Display No
Connectivity BlueTooth, USB
Built-In Compass Yes
UPC 4048336428217
Max Operating Depth 300m

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