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Whale luminous resin artwork, free LED base

The artwork contains a luminous base.

The whale, Dolphins, turtles, sharks, diver, Jellyfish is model.

Wooden base with LED light. Simply press and hold the button on the switch to control the light.


Material: epoxy resin + model

Style: whale

USB Light Lamp Base

Material: wood

Wattage: 3W LED colorful

Cable length: about 55 inches/140cm

Remote control: Yes

Wired/Wireless: USB wired

Size: 3.1 inches


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⚠ Please note:

Shades and colors displayed by your screen may differ from the originals!

Each piece of art is handmade and any subsequent copy may not be 100% similar to the photo shown or the original. The size will also vary.

Be careful to avoid extreme temperatures, as well as hard and sharp objects to prevent scratches. Wash with warm water.

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