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CRESSI Marker Buoy

Professional balloon especially resistant due to its nylon resin-coated composition with inside polyurethane injection.

*The connection stem has automatic release to avoid that the balloon could drag the diver to the surface.

Price $24.89

CRESSI Competition Float

This spherical float is slightly flattened to offer less wind resistance and has a built-in inflatable flag.

Made from PVC, it has a strong anchor point for attaching the line on the lower half.

It is supplied complete with a light 25 m floating line that has a small cylindrical lead weight of 150 g. 

Price $29.41

Cressi Easy Float Buoy

First-ever buoy to feature a built-in flag, it is fitted with a specially designed casing for the line that prevents the line from tangling up and makes it possible to adjust its length as a function of how deep you want to go. Weights are built into its structure to ensure stability even in rough sea conditions, making for excellent visibility as the buoy invariably retains its position at the top of fully formed waves. It has no protruding parts and once the line has been released, if you are using an end weight, your position will be marked out automatically.

Price $29.41


The Cressi Torpedo Pro Buoy is a must have for scuba divers, spear fishers, snorkelers, and free divers. 

The Cressi Torpedo Pro Buoy is constructed with 210-denier nylon TPU fabric in a hi-visibility orange. It features a reflective strip mounted laterally across the float. The tapered front, or Torpedo shape, of the float helps reduce drag, so it moves through the water more efficiently. The included flag is regulation size measuring 12” x 12” with a 3” diagonal white stripe and a stiffener. There is one stainless steel D-ring on the front of the buoy as the main attachment point, and 4 plastic auxiliary D-rings located around the buoy.

Price $33.94
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Increase your chances of being seen on the surface with this professional quality safety signal buoy. Included are slots for inserting bottom weights to ensure upright stability in choppy seas. 5ft/1.5m safety signal buoy.

Price $79.19
Regular price $93.16 -15%
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This professional grade SMB (surface marker buoy) features a double inflation system with an open bottom and duck beak valve as well as a metal inflator. The buoy is constructed of durable 210D nylon with HF welded seams. There’s a stainless D-ring and bungee loop on the lower end, with a plastic D-ring on top for a flashlight.

Price $33.94
Regular price $39.93 -15%
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SMB 1 -  1.80 M

SMB 2 - 1.80M

SMB 3 - 1.50M

Price $51.96