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HYDROS PRO Dive Knife & Accessory Plate, Black

Ideal mounting accessory for attaching a BCD knife to your HYDROS PRO.

Price $24.89
Regular price $29.28 -15%
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HYDROS PRO Mini D-Ring Set, Black

This innovative Mini D-Ring Plate is ideal for attaching marker buoys and dive lights to your HYDROS PRO, plus it streamlines hose routing.

Price $24.89
Regular price $29.28 -15%
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HYDROS PRO Ninja Pocket, Black

When you’d like the option of additional stowage for occasionally carrying accessories on your HYDROS PRO, the Ninja accessory pocket is the perfect solution.

Price $38.46
Regular price $45.25 -15%

HYDROS PRO Cargo Thigh Pocket, Black

Lots of easy-access cargo carrying capacity is available when your HYDROS PRO is rigged with the Cargo Thigh Pocket.

Price $45.25
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Customize your HYDROS PRO with separate color kits that allow you to change up your dive style whenever you want.

Price $62.22
Regular price $73.20 -15%


The Accessory Bungee Set is a great way to secure dive lights or streamline your hose routing.

Price $25.29

Weight Pocket Kit, Equator/Go/Hydros/Equalizer

Replacement quick-release BCD weight pockets are compatible with the Equator, Equalizer and GO front-adjustable BCDs, as well as the HYDROS PRO back-inflation BCD.

Price $66.55
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Balanced Power Inflator (BPI)

SCUBAPRO's Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) provides an efficient and reliable way to maintain perfect buoyancy control throughout your dive.

Price $107.47
Regular price $126.44 -15%

XDEEP Weight pockets XL

XDEEP weight pockets XL can hold up to 6kg on each pocket, incorporating a fast release system, which allows to drop the weight easily in case of a need. They are easily Installed on the backplate.

Price $119.78

SCUBAPRO Small Mini Reel with Stainless Steel Double Carabiner-15M

  • Compact lead roll with lead and a double carabiner. Line length 15m (small). This mini reel is ideal for the suspending decorative objects. 
  • For use with hollow dives and decoboints. 
  • Approx. 15m rope length. 
Price $23.96

Swivel Bolt Snap Stainless Steel

These AISI 316 stainless steel snaps are the perfect tools for clipping on gear and securing stage tanks. Available in a variety of sizes in double-end and swivel versions.

Price $17.30



Price $39.93