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  • -$128.56

Definition Steamer, 3mm

The 2019 Definition 3mm offers a level of warmth and comfort any warm-water diver will love. It is built with SCUBAPRO’s Body Map System, a manufacturing method that uses a 3D cut, special tailoring and material inserts to create a suit that fits like a glove, provides extra stretch where it's needed most, and offers excellent warmth, comfort and durability. Proven N2S (Nylon 2 Sides) construction offers the perfect level of warmth and comfort for warm-water diving. The infrared fleece interior lining reflects body heat to ratchet up warmth even more, plus it's comfortable as can be against the skin. It’s the perfect thermal protection for any diver.

X-Foam        Glue Solvent Free         Scubapro Cares

Price $167.43
Regular price $295.99

Definition Steamer, 5mm, Men

The Definition 5mm steamer offers more stretch, more comfort and more features. The suit is built with the Body Map System, a manufacturing method that uses a 3D cut, special tailoring and material inserts to create a suit that fits the body like a glove. An Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec fabric on the body, sides, arms and legs work together to produce a highly flexible and snug fit, providing extra stretch where it’s needed most. Bigger abrasion-resistant shoulder, knee and elbow pads provide maximum protection. While the new seamless single arm and leg stretch panels with double zippered seals make donning and doffing the suit that much easier. This steamer offers thermal protection well-suited to active temperate-water and warm-water divers.

Price $268.84

Evo Pants


  • outer pant: 4-way-stretch, fast drying, extra light and flexible 
  • inner pant: 1 mm neoprene


  • 2 in 1 board short with integrated neoprene pants
Price $0.00

CAMARO Titanium Classic Hood

CAMARO Titanium Classic Hood

Price $27.15
  • -$54.03

Tropical Steamer, 1MM

The lightweight TROPICAL 1MM steamer offers just the right amount of protection for fun in the tropics. Delivering optimal comfort and flexibility for warm water divers, the suit features Everflex styling and 1mm neoprene with stretch fabric, plus a plush torso lining and anti-abrasion panels on shoulders, seat and knees. Offering the perfect level of full-body protection without bulkiness, its design and construction makes it super affordable for tropical diving or any watersport activity.

Price $140.54
Regular price $194.58
  • -$19.16

Hybrid Cargo Shorts, 1MM

SCUBAPRO has updated its popular HYBRID line, which includes a thermal long sleeve top, cargo shorts, and a sleeveless hooded vest. Comfortable and stretchy, HYBRID CARGO SHORTS form-fit to your body like you were born wearing a pair. On the underside of the nylon panels a micro plush interior makes the shorts warm and cozy. This fleece fabric absorbs less water, which keeps heat against the body, increasing overall warmth. It also dries quickly. Designed to be worn by themselves or over a dive suit, these shorts come with a nylon drawstring and reinforced seat, plus two large cargo pockets for carrying money, sunglasses or other accessories when enjoying a day on the beach or dive boat.

Price $67.88
Regular price $87.04
  • -15%

Everflex Hood 5/3mm

Scubapro Everflex Hood 5/3mm

The Everflex hood protects against loss of body heat and increases the comfort level by keeping your head and ears warm during the dive. Constructed from 100% Everflex high-stretch nylon on the outside to maximize flexibility and comfort, this remodeled hood features a new design and pattern, plus a new plush lining for comfort.

The face seal increases protection and the feeling of warmth of the head when diving in temperate to cold waters.

  • NEW design and pattern that improve fit and comfort.
  • NEW face seal that reduces heat loss caused by water ingress.
  • NEW plush interior that greatly facilitates the placement and removal of the hood and provides great comfort.
Price $49.78
Regular price $58.56 -15%
  • -$36.00

Profile Steamer, 0.5MM

The ultra-thin PROFILE 0.5MM steamer can be worn as a warm water wetsuit or as base layer beneath a thicker wetsuit when diving colder waters. Built with a quality nylon/neoprene blend on the outside for durability, and a comfortable Silverskin smooth inner lining, this lightweight steamer features the distinctive Profile pattern and styling and includes Powertex anti-abrasion panels and Tatex kneepads. Non-chafing flat-seam stitching is comfortable against the skin. Thumb loops and foot stirrups prevent ride-up when worn beneath a thicker wetsuit.

Price $107.47
Regular price $143.47
  • -$161.84

Sport Steamer, 5MM

The updated Sport 5mm (Generation 2) offers must-have thermal protection for first-time suit buyers or occasional divers. Sport is easy to don and doff, fits like a second skin and looks good in the process. Made from super-soft neoprene, the suit is assembled using solvent-free Aqua glue - a 100% green process. A triathlon cut increases the range of motion in the shoulder and arm areas for maximum freedom of movement on the boat and in the water. For 2018 the Sport 5mm comes with new exterior styling and colors, a vertical-cut rear zipper and a hood hook on the right hip.

Price $191.65
Regular price $353.49
  • -$42.46

Sport Steamer, 3MM

This new-generation, ultra-comfortable 3mm steamer has been added to the Sport suit family. Designed for new divers, casual divers, and first-time suit buyers who enjoy warm water diving in moderate to shallow depths, the Sport 3mm is made from extremely soft and flexible neoprene and features a triathlon cut. This allows for a bigger range of motion in the shoulder and arm areas, delivering maximum freedom of movement on the boat and in the water. The suit features flat-lock stitching, a vertical rear zipper and comfortable plush inside wrists. It is easy to put on and take off, fits like a second skin and looks great.

Price $147.06
Regular price $189.52
  • -15%

Titanium Pro Overall



1,5 mm Titanium/Modetec neoprene


  • extremely stretchable and wafer-thin
  • Seamless Bonding technology
  • detachable zip strap
  • back zip
Price $339.38
Regular price $399.27 -15%
  • -15%



A quality entry-level glove designed for temperate to warm water diving, the HYPERFLEX 3MM is offered at an economical price for divers putting together their first dive rig. The glove features a wraparound Velcro wrist closure and a non-slip printed palm for maximum gripping power.

Price $33.94
Regular price $39.93 -15%