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  • -$32.87

Pressure gauge BAR/PSI

New compact all-metal analogue pressure gauge. Its dual bar/psi scale makes it ideal for traveling divers and resorts with international clientele.

Price $101.81
Regular price $134.69
  • -$48.90


The SCUBAPRO Compact TWIN Console: the perfect back-up system enabling you to read cylinder pressure and depth information at a glance.

The 2 most important dive data instruments in a bulletproof, ergonomic and compact console.

Compact lightweight gauge in a robust rubber housing is ideal for the travelling dive.

Price $192.32
Regular price $241.21

Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly

An excellent and well made Octopus holder by Scubapro. The Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly comes with a clip, for you to attached the Octopus securely while Scuba Diving. The Octopus can be disengaged upon emergency, and yet still stays sturdy and neat during your dives.

It features a plug mechanism to prevent any sand or debris from entering the Octopus. Dive responsibly by making sure your Octopus is always working and is ready to be donated. Octopus that floats all over the place, scooping sand, or broken shells on the sea bed is not a nice way to treat your buddy.

Price $11.98

Scuba Multi-Tool

  • Valve DIN Inser 1/4” Hex Wrench
  • Port Plugs 3/16” Hex Wrench
  • Valve Dip Tube 5/32” Hex Wrench
  • Valve Nut Slotted Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Inflator Schrader Valve Tool
  • Bronze O-ring Pick
  • Orifice Adjustment Flat Screwdriver
Price $37.27

Star Tool - Stainless Steel

  • Remove and replace the most common scuba hoses
  • 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” & 11/16” wrenches
  • Most common hex wrenches 5/32”, 3/16” & 1/4”
  • Valve handwheel driver
  • All imperial sizes for US products
  • Compact size - 3.85” x 0.5” thick (approximately)
  • Stainless steel construction with silicone over mold
Price $42.59

Hose Hook

Protect Your Hoses From Premature Failure

Secure attachment of a clip without causing potential damage to the hose

For use with all low pressure scuba hoses with an approximate 0.5” diamete

Price $20.23

Shearwater Transmitter

Wireless transmitter for Shearwater computers.

Price $346.03
  • -$25.65

Scubapro Yoke Ultra Light Travel Adapter

The Scubapro Yoke Adapter allows DIN 232 or 300 bar regulators to be fitted on to INT / A-Clamp cylinders without the need to permanently convert your regulators. This Ultra Light conversion tool is an essential piece for any travelling diver. The adapter simply fits over the cylinder valve and clamps into place and the first stage can then be screwed into place as if the cylinder had a DIN valve.

Perfect for travelling as it weighs only 160 grams! But please note if you do use this converter make sure you remove it after a couple of days diving or ideally every evening. Due to the metals being different from the brass on your regulator.

Price $73.53
Regular price $99.18


While the MK21’s standard hose routing cap offers four angled low pressure ports (0º/20º), this optional cap kit offers four angled low pressure ports (0°/30°) plus a fifth centralized high-flow low pressure port.

Price $47.91
  • -15%

SCUBAPRO Conversion Kit INT/DIN Universal

Conversion Kit Universal (MK10, MK14, MK16, MK17, MK18, MK20, MK25) This adapter allows you to easily convert your first stage, if required, so you can use your own gear rather than rental gear!

Price $56.56
Regular price $66.55 -15%

Regulator Shield

Regulator Shield

Protect your valuable second stage from bumps and scratches witha handy neoprene cover. It attaches to the LP hose and wraps around the second stage casing. Easy to slip on and off, it’s embossed with the SCUBAPRO logo and looks great while protecting your investment.

Price $19.96
  • -15%

Magnetic Octopus Holder

Octopus or 2nd Regulator Holder with Fixation through Powerful Magnets with Anti Corrosion Treatment, Easy to Use, Perfect for Diving, Excellent Quality

Price $27.15
Regular price $31.94 -15%

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