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The SS1

The SS1 Breathes Just Like a Primary

Thehighestqualityandmost reliableinflator/regulator available.Keycomponents machined of type 316 stainless steel or titanium insure corrosion resistance, reliability, and long

service life. Adaptable to most brands of BCDs through patented adapter system.Convenient quickdisconnect allows for easy removal from the BCD and has breathing

performance like a primary second stage.

Price $322.89
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The Ai High Performance Power Inflator

The Ai offers push button pneumatic or oral inflation ofthe buoyancy control device (BCD),andpushbuttondeflation. Itisattachedtooneofthelow-pressureportsof yourprimary

first stage.Aspeciallydesigned,quickdisconnectis supplied withyourAi. TheAi will connectto virtuallyanyexistingBCD inflationhose viaspecialized adapters. Available in Titanium or

Stainless Steel models.

Price $179.84