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Octopus Holder, Magnetic, Black

When you need to be sure your octo reg remains secure and at-the-ready, you can rely on the OCTOPUS HOLDER PROFESSIONAL. This serious magnetic retainer features an extremely strong magnet that keeps the two parts of the holder firmly together until the octopus is needed.

Price $26.62
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Flared Stainless Steel Finger Spools

Price $66.55
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Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly

An excellent and well made Octopus holder by Scubapro. The Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly comes with a clip, for you to attached the Octopus securely while Scuba Diving. The Octopus can be disengaged upon emergency, and yet still stays sturdy and neat during your dives.

It features a plug mechanism to prevent any sand or debris from entering the Octopus. Dive responsibly by making sure your Octopus is always working and is ready to be donated. Octopus that floats all over the place, scooping sand, or broken shells on the sea bed is not a nice way to treat your buddy.

Price $11.98
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Mini Retractor

Price $26.35
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Pro Slate 3

If you tend to do a lot of note taking or communicating with your dive buddy through words and drawings, you're going to love this multi-purpose writing slate.

Price $29.28
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  • -$20.07

FS-2 Dive Compass

The FS-2 COMPASS provides a unique tilt angle of up to 35 degrees, making it easier to read and operate in almost any position. With a floating magnet separate from the compass rose, the FS-2 has greater operating freedom than conventional compasses. This means you can use the same compass for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, making it the perfect navigation instrument for traveling divers

Price $95.03
Regular price $115.10
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  • -$39.93

FS2 Compass With Retractor

Scubapro FS2 compass with retractor can be easily attached to your BCD rather than wearing on the wrist. Provides a unique tilt angle of at least up to 35 degrees, making it easier to read and operate in most any position. The FS2 Scubapro Compass has a luminous dial to allow easy reading in low lights and has a side window meaning it can be read while swimming.

Price $113.13
Regular price $153.05
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Scubapro Lift Bag 30Kg/66lbs

30kg Lift Bags with Carabiner, High Frequency Welded, No-Return Valve, Very Good also as a Large Marker Buoy.

Price $146.40
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  • -15%

Standard 50 Pound Lift Bag

  • Traditional open bottom design
  • 50 lbs. of positive lift
  • Rolls up to compact size
  • 316 stainless steel 4” bolt clip for attachment
  • Heavy-duty, PVC material
  • Color: orange
Price $45.25
Regular price $53.24 -15%
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Universal Valve Cap

  • Fits our Deluxe K and PRO valves
  • Protect the valve outlet
  • Nylon cord lanyard included - not attached
  • Available in five colors
  • Black (p/n VC-BK)
  • Blue (p/n VC-BU)
  • Green (p/n VC-GN)
  • Pink (p/n VC-PK)
  • Yellow (p/n VC-YL)
Price $2.66
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Stage Bottle Strap Kits

Larger diameter black handle is easier to carry

A 3-bar slide allows for length adjustment 


2 ea. 4” jumbo stainless steel bolt snaps

1” wide, adjustable length, nylon webbing handle (2200 lbs. tensile strength)

11” piece of black tubing to create a comfortable carry handle

Rugged, elastic EPDM hose retainer with easy grip tab

Marine grade stainless steel cylinder clamp

Nylon tube webbing to cover cylinder clamp

2” piece of black PVC tubing to cover the cylinder band adjustment screw


Medium (SS525) - 5.125" to 6.0” diameter cylinders

Large (SS725) - 6.5” to 8.0” diameter cylinders

Price $56.56
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Stainless Steel DIN Plug

  • Precision machined from 316 stainless steel
  • Protects threads of 200 and 300 bar DIN threads
  • Prevents gas loss from accidental turn on
  • Includes Viton o-ring
Price $23.96
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