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Safety & Fun Buoy

The name says it all. The Safety & Fun Buoy is a combination high-visibility safety buoy and a swimming aid.

Price $74.53
  • -15%

Surface Marker Buoy, PVC, Orange, 4.3 ft

Made of durable HF welded PVC, this economical SMB (surface marker buoy) includes a 20ft/6m tether and clip. It folds compactly and stows in its own nylon pouch. The bag itself is fitted with a clip for attachment to a D-ring for quick and easy deployment.

Price $33.94
Regular price $39.93 -15%

Octopus Holder, Magnetic, Black

When you need to be sure your octo reg remains secure and at-the-ready, you can rely on the OCTOPUS HOLDER PROFESSIONAL. This serious magnetic retainer features an extremely strong magnet that keeps the two parts of the holder firmly together until the octopus is needed.

Price $21.29

Flared Stainless Steel Finger Spools

Price $53.24

Finger Spools

Available in three sizes

Spools are injection-molded with glass-filled nylon

#24 hi-viz yellow nylon 16 strand line (breaking strength 120 lbs / 55 kg)

4” stainless steel doublender bolt snap with 18-8 SS internal springs

Price $20.23

Spring-Design Light Cord

New for 2019, this product includes a spring-design light cord with a carabiner clip.

Price $27.15

Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly

An excellent and well made Octopus holder by Scubapro. The Scubapro Mouthpiece Plug Assembly comes with a clip, for you to attached the Octopus securely while Scuba Diving. The Octopus can be disengaged upon emergency, and yet still stays sturdy and neat during your dives.

It features a plug mechanism to prevent any sand or debris from entering the Octopus. Dive responsibly by making sure your Octopus is always working and is ready to be donated. Octopus that floats all over the place, scooping sand, or broken shells on the sea bed is not a nice way to treat your buddy.

Price $11.98

Micro Retractor

Price $18.10

Heavy Duty Mini Retractor

Price $28.75

Mini Retractor

Price $26.35

Rattle Stick with Clip

  • Give it a shake to get your buddies attention
  • Nice and loud underwater sound
  • Built-in attachment clip
  • Cap with magnet to prevent unwanted sound
  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 1”  (14 x 2.5 cm)
Price $31.68

Pro Slate 3

If you tend to do a lot of note taking or communicating with your dive buddy through words and drawings, you're going to love this multi-purpose writing slate.

Price $19.16