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  • -$8.07

D-Flex Dive Glove, 2mm

Delivering the perfect balance of warmth and protection for tropical diving, this super-soft glove offers a lot of flexibility for maximum finger dexterity, plus its contoured shape provides a comfortable fit.

Price $38.46
Regular price $46.53
  • -$12.30

Seamless Dive Glove, 1.5mm

Using heat taping instead of traditional stitching transforms the lightweight SEAMLESS 1.5MM glove into an extremely soft, flexible and tactile hand-warmer. By eliminating the stitching you gain in dexterity in the fingers, making it much easier to push dive computer buttons and handle gear at depth. The printed palm is soft while providing a good non-slip surface for easy gripping.

Price $45.25
Regular price $57.55
  • -$13.52

Tropic Dive Glove, 1.5mm

The ever-popular Tropic 1.5mm dive glove now features a new eye-pleasing material pattern and comes in colors that match SCUBAPRO’s new UPF Collection. Stylish looks aside, this updated tropical glove still features a 1.5mm neoprene back for comfort and warmth, plus an Amara palm to protect against infection-prone finger cuts when grasping barnacle-encrusted dive ladders in tropical waters.

Price $45.25
Regular price $58.77

Goodman Glove

This sturdy neoprene Goodman glove fits the following dive lights:

Price $25.29
  • -15%

Seamless Bonding Gloves

  • Material:
  • 1mm neoprene

  • Features:
  • no stitching & watertight
  • non-slip silicone print on palm
  • 4-way-stretch
Price $47.51
Regular price $55.90 -15%
  • -15%

HECS STEALTH WETSUIT 3MM (Includes Gloves & Socks)

  • Open-cell premium Yamamoto neoprene, bonded to HECS StealthScreen fabric. 
  • Includes 3mm HECS long-johns, 3mm HECS hooded top, 3mm HECS gloves and 3mm HECS socks. 
  • Get closer to marine life. 
  • Contoured multi-panel design for superior fit and comfort. 
  • Reinforced Pro-tech knee, sole and palm panels for durability. 
Price $610.88
Regular price $718.69 -15%
  • -15%


The Everflex 3mm is a great glove for temperate to warm-water diving. Made from extremely soft and flexible neoprene, it offers excellent warmth and comfort while its contoured shape provides maximum finger dexterity. The inside plush lining is warm and dries fast.

Price $52.04
Regular price $61.22 -15%
  • -15%



A quality entry-level glove designed for temperate to warm water diving, the HYPERFLEX 3MM is offered at an economical price for divers putting together their first dive rig. The glove features a wraparound Velcro wrist closure and a non-slip printed palm for maximum gripping power.

Price $45.25
Regular price $53.24 -15%
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Price $25.98