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Scubapro Twin Jet Spring Strap

Price $45.25
Regular price $53.24 -15%
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Upgrade or Replace your Scubapro Go Fin straps with their Ultralight Bungee Strap. Available in a host of bright colours the straps let you customise your fins or replace worn straps. The straps automatically tighten on your boots for a comfortable fit. As you descend the straps compensate for the crush on your boots so that the fit remains correct throughout your knife.

A large lop at the heel makes putting on and removing your fins easy, even if you’re wearing gloves.

Price $18.63
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Jet Sport Strap & Buckle

Jet Sport Fin Strap & Buckle

Price $17.30
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Highland Technical Spring Straps

Spring heel fin straps are popular because they are comfortable, easy to use and practically indestructible. Highland premium spring fin straps are made from stainless steel springs and covered with nylon tube webbing to protect the spring and keep out grass and other plant matter. The thumb puller is streamlined and designed not to snag on objects like traditional finger loop designs can do. The springs have machined Delrin ends that attach to one of two types of stainless steel adapter fittings with a stainless screw and nylon lock nut. Nylon line on the inside of the spring prevents over-extension of the strap.

One kit attaches to most brands of scuba fins

High quality stainless spring & buckles will not rust

Price $53.24
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Replacement heel strap for Seawing Nova open heel fin.

Made of durable marine-grade bungee.

Self-adjusting design makes easy work of donning and doffing the fin.

Sold in pairs.

Price $47.91
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