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The new GO SPORT fin features a modified blade that provides mounting points to attach skegs. These skegs work to minimize sideslip and maximize stability when kicking and maneuvering in the water. Fins come standard with either silver or black skegs. However, optional skegs are available in a variety of colors for customization or to color-code sizing.

Price $7.99

Scubapro Twin Jet Spring Strap

Price $45.25


Upgrade or Replace your Scubapro Go Fin straps with their Ultralight Bungee Strap. Available in a host of bright colours the straps let you customise your fins or replace worn straps. The straps automatically tighten on your boots for a comfortable fit. As you descend the straps compensate for the crush on your boots so that the fit remains correct throughout your knife.

A large lop at the heel makes putting on and removing your fins easy, even if you’re wearing gloves.

Price $18.63