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List of products by brand XSScuba

  • -15%


Proprietary, custom formulated Beta Titanium meets the desired knife properties of non-brittleness, high abrasion resistance, and high hardness scale not found in standard titanium knives

High strength (240,000 lbs / in2) and RC Scale hardness of 51-54

5” blade is custom flat ground with advanced serration and line cutter

Stainless steel hammer end above SURE-GRIP handle

Exclusive, double-locking sheath prevents knife loss

Rubber leg straps with quick-release

Price $113.13
Regular price $133.09 -15%

Coastal Standard

  • A nylon, self-repairing, #10 coil zipper, with two zipper pulls, runs down the center
  • 2” triangle rings on either end accommodate the optional XS Scuba shoulder strap (p/n BG915)
  • Padded carry handle on top
  • Large enough to carry a complete set of scuba gear
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 29 in. (33 x 33 x 74 cm)
Price $34.07

Cylinder Boots

  • High quality injection-molded construction
  • Self-draining and durable 
  • Octagon rim design to prevent side rolling
  • Round rim design for twins and boat racks
  • Color: black
  • Available in octagon rim
Price $13.31
  • -15%

Deluxe 50 Pound Lift Bag

  • 50 lbs. of positive lift
  • Anti-spill bottom with baffle to allow easy fill from any second stage
  • Combination oral and BC QD inflator
  • Remains inflated until you empty it
  • 2” Diameter OPV with pull for manual release 
  • Rolls up to compact size and stays closed with Velcro strap
  • Elastic loop at top for chemical light attachment
  • Stainless steel D-ring at top for slate attachment
  • Lifting strap with stainless steel D-ring at bottom
  • Available in two colors: Orange (p/n AC060-OR) & Yellow (p/n AC060-YL)
Price $56.56
Regular price $66.55 -15%

Deluxe Folding Slate

  • Great folding design
  • Sturdy attachment clip
  • Unique adjustable lead pencil
  • Dimensions closed: 5.75” x 7.5”  (14.6 x 19 cm)
  • Dimensions open:  10.75” x 7.5”  (27.3 x 19 cm)
Price $22.63
  • -15%

Fog Cutter Recon Knife

  • This is the FogCutter used by Special Ops teams and First Responders around the world. The extra-long cutting edge, coupled with a spear point tip, adds to its functionality. This knife gets the job done when many others cannot.
  • The 6” (152 mm) blade terminates in a spear point tip
  • The Recon version has a black-oxide finish
  • The 420 stainless steel blade is hardened to hold the edge longer
  • Serrated edge along back of blade 
  • A serrated pipe grip integrated into the handle is ideal for twisting stubborn items
  • A butt cap, with attachment hole, located on the back, provides a hammering function
  • Includes two 22” (560 mm) long rubber leg straps with quick release buckles
  • 11” overall length
Price $101.81
Regular price $119.78 -15%

Folding Wrist Slate

Price $21.49

Highland Technical Spring Straps

Spring heel fin straps are popular because they are comfortable, easy to use and practically indestructible. Highland premium spring fin straps are made from stainless steel springs and covered with nylon tube webbing to protect the spring and keep out grass and other plant matter. The thumb puller is streamlined and designed not to snag on objects like traditional finger loop designs can do. The springs have machined Delrin ends that attach to one of two types of stainless steel adapter fittings with a stainless screw and nylon lock nut. Nylon line on the inside of the spring prevents over-extension of the strap.

One kit attaches to most brands of scuba fins

High quality stainless spring & buckles will not rust

Price $53.24

Hose Hook

Protect Your Hoses From Premature Failure

Secure attachment of a clip without causing potential damage to the hose

For use with all low pressure scuba hoses with an approximate 0.5” diamete

Price $20.23


For hands-free safety stops and deco stops

6.5 ft (2m) of type IV high strength paracord

316 stainless steel D-rings and 304 stainless Garvin hook

Pouch is made of 1680D ballistic nylon

Modified closure flap allows Garvin hook to be stowed in the pouch

Drain grommet in the bottom

Webbing pass thru on the back

Price $24.89

Micro Retractor

Price $18.10
  • -15%

Mini Fog Cutter Knife

  • This smaller version of the FogCutter is the most popular model of them all! The compact size lends itself to multiple mounting options including hose mount, BC mount and webbed harness mount.
  • The 3.25” (83 mm) blade sports a snub-nosed, blunt tip
  • The 420 stainless steel blade is hardened to hold the edge longer
  • The serrated edge along back of blade is great for cutting rope
  • A serrated pipe grip integrated into the handle is ideal for twisting stubborn items
  • A butt cap, with attachment hole, located on the back, provides a hammering function
  • 3.25” blade length, 6.5” overall length

Price $79.19
Regular price $93.16 -15%