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List of products by brand Shearwater Research

Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case

Shearwater Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case

  • Protective case with zip suitable for Perdix and Petrel computers
  • EVA Protective Case anti-shock
  • Black color with Shearwater logo on the top and in the zip
  • Nylon Zip
  • Inner Dimensions: 100 x 85 x 55mm
Price $26.62

Screen Protector for Perdix Dive Computer

Shearwater Screen Protector for Perdix Dive Computer

This screen protector is the OEM part from shearwater and is cut the fit the Perdix computers and DOES NOT fit the Petrel.

Fitting is best done in a bowl of water with the computer submerged.


Provides an additional layer of abrasion protection

Die cut for custom fit and complete coverage

Clear material does not reduce screen clarity

Only for use with Perdix model computer

Price $7.99



There are 4 diving modes

  • Air (For recreational diving)
  • Nitrox (Single gas up to 40%)
  • 3 Gas Nitrox (Up to 100% O2)
  • Gauge (Depth, time, resettable stop watch function)
Price $479.12


Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED.

Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.

Experience Legendary diving with the new Shearwater Teric dive watch computer. The most stunning AMOLED display, air integration and a feature list which makes the Teric the new cutting edge of watch sized dive computers unsurpassed by none.

Price $1,117.96

Teric Blue Camo Nylon Strap Kit

Replacement bands for Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

Choice of standard or long length

Easy to attach

Lightweight and comfortable

Price $39.93


PET Screen Protector Kit for Teric Computer - by Shearwater 

Price $13.31


Single color interchangeable 22 mm wrist bands for your Shearwater Teric dive computer. Choose Brown, OD Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Ocean Blue, Teal, Pink or Navy Blue to fit your personal style. Each kit includes two wrist strap pieces, each with strap pins, and an extender strap with a buckle. Material is shore 70A silicone that has a good balance between strength and elasticity.

Changing the strap requires a using a pair of hex key screwdrivers to remove and replace the two pins holding the two piece strap to the body. It's easy to switch, Shearwater includes in the Teric computer case a pair of the hex key screwdriver tools required to make the change.

Price $56.56