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Hose Hook

Protect Your Hoses From Premature Failure

Secure attachment of a clip without causing potential damage to the hose

For use with all low pressure scuba hoses with an approximate 0.5” diamete

Price $20.23

EEZY CUT Trilobite

All Black TRILOBITE with Black Velcro

The forefront of Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T.) dynamics and design, the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE was developed for divers, mariners, mountaineers, extreme sports adventurers and rescue service providers who demand a tool that delivers a swift, safe, efficient cut.

Price $31.94

XDEEP Weight pockets XL

XDEEP weight pockets XL can hold up to 6kg on each pocket, incorporating a fast release system, which allows to drop the weight easily in case of a need. They are easily Installed on the backplate.

Price $119.78

Backmount Cargo Pocket

  • EEP Accessories Bag Cargo Pocket
  • Size approx. 14 x 22 cm, 7 cm high
  • Solid fastening by means of large sliders and narrow webbing on the rear side
  • Colour black
Price $70.54

XDEEP Tank Band (Cam Band) with Plastic Buckle

Price $31.94

XDeep Cam Band with Stainless Steel Buckle

Price $43.92

XDEEP Sidemount Cargo Pouch Standard non-expandable Accessories Bag

This bag offers you a large main compartment with internal D-ring and a front compartment with window. The bag is made of solid Cordura material and has YKK zippers.


It is attached to the attached D-ring by means of a double ender.

Size about 24 cm x 18 cm

Price $37.27

XDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch

This durable Cordura made expandable cargo utility pouch by xDeep brings extra storage with super easy access for sidemount divers. Can be used in many different ways but primarily will organize your stuff like spare mask, cutting devices, nav kits, slates, back up light, spools ... everything carried in safe and clean way.

  • - streamline design to be butt mounted providing always easy access
  • - can expanded for larger items or kept in minimum configuration to be streamlined. Pouch is spacious enough to store pretty much everything you will need on a dive.
  • - heavy duty YKK zippers used to ensure the durability
  • - internal lanyards in each compartment to secure your stored items and clean access to each single one
Price $90.50

SCUBAPRO Small Mini Reel with Stainless Steel Double Carabiner-15M

  • Compact lead roll with lead and a double carabiner. Line length 15m (small). This mini reel is ideal for the suspending decorative objects. 
  • For use with hollow dives and decoboints. 
  • Approx. 15m rope length. 
Price $19.96
  • -15%

Scubapro Mini Reel - 30m

  • The MINIREEL of the finger reel is perfectly suited for Hochlassen the safety stop decorative buoys. 
  • Also available to many other Inserts, where a small linen roll (reel) required, in any weather. 
  • Compact Canvas Roll with approx. 30 m lead and has a stainless steel snap hook. 
  • Scubapro Mini reel Large 
Price $33.94
Regular price $39.93 -15%

Stainless Steel Double End Snap

These AISI 316 stainless steel snaps are the perfect tools for clipping on gear and securing stage tanks. Available in a variety of sizes in double-end and swivel versions.

  • Double end Snap: 3.5in/90mm.
  • Double end Snap: 4in/100mm.
  • Swivel Snap w/round eyelet: 1.3in/32mm.
  • Bolt Snap: 0.4in/10mm.
  • Bolt Snap: 0.5in/13mm.
  • Bolt Snap: 0.7in/19mm.
  • Bolt Snap: 1in/25mm.
Price $17.30


ScubaPro LP Hose AIR2 BPI 65 cm 25.6 in

Scubapro LP Hose QD Coupling

Price $39.93