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Sealife AquaPod Underwater Camera Pole

The SeaLife AquaPod Extendable Underwater Monopod lets divers and underwater explorers take close up underwater photos and videos while maintaining a comfortable distance from the subject. This underwater camera extension rod is ideal for exciting shark images and video, as well as other more dangerous ocean species, and can let your camera reach into corners and crannies where you might not otherwise be able to reach. You can also rotate the camera on the SeaLife AquaPod Monopod to easily take self-portait images.

Price $71.27
Regular price $83.85 -15%

GoScope® Boost PLUS – GoPro Hero Telescoping Pole / Monopod:...

GoScope® Boost Plus is a rugged telescoping pole (17.5″- 40″) for GoPro® Hero Cameras. It features an integrated quick buckle, sure grip handle, remote clip, removable wrist strap, and 360 revolution buckle. Color – Black

Price $79.85
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SeaLife SL570 10X Close-Up Lens for Micro HD & HD+ (Black)

The 10x Close Up Lens gives the Micro HD camera a focusing range of 6 to 24 inches (15 to 61cm), allowing the camera to capture close up underwater images and video. Reveal the details of a tiny coral shrimp or small anemonefish - the lens will bring the Micro HD's 13mp image and 1080p HD video capabilities to all of the small details. The lens easily attaches and removes from the Micro HD camera underwater, and includes a small lanyard to secure it to the camera while in use. 

Price $40.73
Regular price $47.91 -15%
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SeaLife 52mm to 67mm Step-Up Ring SL978

  • Easy to Use Push-On Design 
  • Use with other wet lenses and filters with a 67mm thread 
  • Requires SeaLife 52mm Adapter 
  • Expand your photography adaptability! 
Price $24.89
Regular price $29.28 -15%
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SeaLife Super Macro Lens with 52mm DC Thread Mount Adapter

SeaLife, maker of the new DC2000 underwater camera, is introducing a new Super Macro lens that allows for shooting distance as close as 1.5" (3.8cm) with the SeaLife DC2000. Without the macro lens, the DC2000's auto focus lens can shoot as close as 4" (10.15cm). Gaining that extra close-up shooting distance allows macro shooters to capture stunning details of the tiniest sea creatures. The Super Macro lens is constructed of optical grade glass with broadband AR coating on the inner surfaces to maximize light transmission and prevent flaring. The 2-element/2-group optics features +10 diopter lens that shortens the camera's minimum shooting distance by more than 50%. All the optics are housed in corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum frame and is depth rated to 330' (100 meters). 

Price $101.81
Regular price $119.78 -15%
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SeaLife Super Macro Close Up Lens

Capture sharp macro images and videos with SeaLife Micro cameras

The Super Macro Close Up Lens captures macro images and videos from 3.5” to 7” (9cm to 18cm). The lens features a 2-element optical grade wet lens with anti-reflective coating and anodized aluminum construction with rubber press-on lens mount.

Includes two (white) removable focus distance sticks (4.75"/18.7mm), safety lanyard and protective pouch.

Price $87.11
Regular price $102.48 -15%
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Sealife SL970 Wide Angle Lens

  • Model Number: SL970 
  • 24-mm lens equivalent 
  • Can increase field-of-view by about 50% 
  • 3-elemen, high-quality optical glass lenses 
  • Snaps easily on and off even while underwater 
Price $101.81
Regular price $119.78 -15%

Underwater Camera Float / Buoyancy Strap (Orange)

  • International orange color for high visibility 
  • Floats all Sea Life cameras as well as most other brands of waterproof cameras and other portable waterproof devices.
Price $23.96
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SeaLife Flex-Connect Arm

Direct light where ever you need it Expand your underwater camera set with one “click!” - The Flex Arm allows for creative lighting, easy aiming, and reduced backscatter by positioning... 

Price $50.91
Regular price $59.89 -15%

SeaLife Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter (for Light)

Sealife's Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter connects Sea Dragon Lighting and Flex-Connect accessories to any underwater camera using the 1"/25mm ball joint mounting system. This heavy-duty aluminum piece is built for...

Price $59.89
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SeaLife Flex-Connect Handle

For an ergonomic, one-handed operation Connect the powerful and compact Sea Dragon Lumen light head to the ergonomic Flex-Connect Handle for a handheld dive light. Sea Dragon lights connect instantly...

Price $30.54
Regular price $35.93 -15%
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SeaLife Flex-Connect Cold Shoe

An ultra-compact setup Use the Flex-Connect Cold Shoe Mount to mount a light or flash directly to the cold shoe of your underwater camera for an ultra-compact lighting solution. Combine... 

Price $49.78
Regular price $58.56 -15%