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Divevolk SeaTouch 4 Max Travel Case

  • This Divevolk EVA BOX only compatibe with Seatouch 4 MAX underwater housing, not fit seatouch 3 pro housing
Price $31.94
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  • -15%

Divevolk Expansion Clamp with 67mm Lens Adapter

With 3X M6 Mount on top and 3X 1/4 mount at the bottom, you can fix the smartphone housing with any kind of video light you prefer, or mount the housing with trays and handles

Price $84.84
Regular price $99.82 -15%
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Divevolk Underwater touchscreen Finger COT

For esse of usage underwater

Price $26.62
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  • -15%

Divevolk Underwater Wide-angle Conversion Lens

The new DLW-02A will allow  the smartphone and a typical action camera to get up to 4x closer to the subject. Simply by mounting the wet lens to an action camera or camera phone, it remedies the distortion caused by the flat port of an underwater housing. When used with camera phones, it allows features such as macro or ultra wide-angle to be useable underwater. The lens will correct the distortion and recover the field of vision lost when underwater. Many professional photographers tout the importance of being close to the subject but often needing specialized equipment. Now, the average water enthusiast, armed with just an action camera or phone camera can get close and obtain greater results more consistently.

Price $124.44
Regular price $146.40 -15%
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Divevolk Glass Protective Film for SeaTouch 4 Max

Protect the glass of Seatouch 4 MAX  housing  from being scratched underwater

Packing including

  • Wet&dry dust-free fabric
  • Protective film
  • Cleaing fabric 
  • Dust absorbing stickers 
Price $23.96
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Divevolk SeaTouch 4 MAX Underwater Touchscreen for Smartphone

SeaTouch 4 Max underwater touchscreen housing is a revolutionary design for smartphone to use underwater up to a depth of 60 meters. For its limitless operation to the touchscreen of the smartphone, you can simply use all the function and Apps of your smartphone. it is World's 1st  underwater full touch screen diving housing for smartphone.

Price $226.25
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