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Free Diving

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  • HECS: Stealthscreen reduces the electrical signal emitted by the human body and is made of conductive carbon fibers, uniquely formed to block the faint electric signal emitted by humans. So you can get closer to marine life. 
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Reduces emissions of the human EM signal. Designed for divers, spear fishers, marine life researchers and photographers. 
  • FIT: Contoured multi-panel design for superior fit and comfort, 4-way stretch for comfort and flexibility, unisex fit. 
  • CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight - ideal for traveling, non-chafing, itch resistant fabric, SPF 50+ for extra sun protection. 
  • INCLUDES: 1 mm full suit, hood, gloves, and socks. 

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HECS STEALTH WETSUIT 3MM (Includes Gloves & Socks)

  • Open-cell premium Yamamoto neoprene, bonded to HECS StealthScreen fabric. 
  • Includes 3mm HECS long-johns, 3mm HECS hooded top, 3mm HECS gloves and 3mm HECS socks. 
  • Get closer to marine life. 
  • Contoured multi-panel design for superior fit and comfort. 
  • Reinforced Pro-tech knee, sole and palm panels for durability. 
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Cressi Kit Threads

Black nylon monofilament kit Ø 180 + sleeves for splicing

Black nylon monofilament kit Ø 160 + sleeves for splicing

Multi-filament kit Ø 140 + sleeves for splicing

(available only natural color)

Price $6.65
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Rechargable Freediving computer with carbon fiber ring, featuring PC or MAC interface and heart rate chest strap for both Dive and Chrono mode. The UP-X1R is customizable with personal data, providing an indication of energy consumption and heartbeat. The “Powersave” mode, ensures that during inactivity the standby function switches on automatically. This computer, besides the standard properties of a digital watch (Hour, Date, Chrono, Timer, Alarm, Dual Time), features a switchable Dive function, providing depth, dive time, water temperature and heart rate. Dive mode starts automatically at 1 m. Memory: Max up to 250 dive records.



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