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SeaLife SL672 Sea Dragon 1500F UW Photo/Video Dive Light Kit

  • Sea Dragon dive/photo/video lights, the 1500F light can be easily mounted to one or more extendable flex arms, grips and trays. 
  • Sea Dragon lights are universal and can be easily mounted to any camera or arm system using an optional Flex-Connect ball mount adapter (SL995). 
  • SeaLife offers the Sea Dragon 1500F in two variations; as a complete set containing grip, and GoPro adapter, or in a head-only version. 
  • The durable Flex-Connect flex arms, trays, and grips simply click together and can also be quickly and easily taken apart with the push of a button. 

Price $293.90
Regular price $345.77 -15%
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SeaLife Super Macro Close Up Lens

Capture sharp macro images and videos with SeaLife Micro cameras

The Super Macro Close Up Lens captures macro images and videos from 3.5” to 7” (9cm to 18cm). The lens features a 2-element optical grade wet lens with anti-reflective coating and anodized aluminum construction with rubber press-on lens mount.

Includes two (white) removable focus distance sticks (4.75"/18.7mm), safety lanyard and protective pouch.

Price $87.11
Regular price $102.48 -15%
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SeaLife Sea Dragon 2300 UW Photo/Video LED Dive Light Kit with...

2300 Lumens for photo, video, and dive

The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto boasts 2300 true lumens of brightness. Powered by a rechargeable 7.4 lithium ion battery, the light burns for a full hour at 100% power at constant brightness with its new CREE XP-L LEDs. The light features an Auto Flash Detect Mode that turns off the light for 1 second when an external flash is detected. Auto Flash Detection helps eliminate undesirable shadows, color shifts or backscatter.

Price $452.51
Regular price $532.36 -15%
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SeaLife Micro 2.0 Sea Dragon 5000 Pro Set

Great pictures made easy! The New Micro 2.0 Wi-Fi 64GB features a high-resolution Sony 16mp Image sensor for razor sharp, colorful still images and full HD video. The permanently sealed body requires no O-ring maintenance, so there is no risk of flooding. The Panasonic 2400 mAh 3.7V lithium battery delivers twice as much power as any other underwater camera for all day shooting. Fast shutter response so you don't miss the action. Taking brilliant underwater pictures has never been this easy and fun. 

Price $1,288.51
Regular price $1,515.90 -15%
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Sealife SL970 Wide Angle Lens

  • Model Number: SL970 
  • 24-mm lens equivalent 
  • Can increase field-of-view by about 50% 
  • 3-elemen, high-quality optical glass lenses 
  • Snaps easily on and off even while underwater 
Price $101.81
Regular price $119.78 -15%
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SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 3000F Underwater Lighting Set

  • Powerful 1500 lumen LED lights using the latest COB LED array technology 
  • One button control for easy operation - one button to power light on/off and select brightness 
  • Three brightness levels: 100%, 50% and 25% 
  • 70 minute burn time at full power and constant brightness 
  • Depth rated to 200 feet/60 meters - Guaranteed 
Price $595.95
Regular price $701.12 -15%

Underwater Camera Float / Buoyancy Strap (Orange)

  • International orange color for high visibility 
  • Floats all Sea Life cameras as well as most other brands of waterproof cameras and other portable waterproof devices.
Price $23.96
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Sea Dragon Mini 900S Power Kit

  • Powerful 900 lumen light
  • Depth tested to 330ft / 100m
  • 14° narrow beam angle
  • Five light modes
  • Anodized aluminum alloy body

The Sea Dragon Mini 900 Power Kit pairs the Mini 900 Dive Light with both a 2600mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion 18650 battery and a compact USB battery charger, so you have everything you need to power the Sea Dragon 900 and light up your dive. 

Price $113.13
Regular price $133.09 -15%
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Novalight 720 Wide


A good dive light will light up the dark spaces and bring out the vibrant colors on night dives as well as day dives.

The new NOVALIGHT 720 WIDE delivers the same outstanding performance and offers the same features as the standard Novalight 720. What sets it apart is its much wider 80-degree beam, making it an ideal primary dive light.

Technical to its core, the NOVALIGHT 720 WIDE is machined from heavy-duty aluminum so it is lightweight and built to last. Its light head is equipped with a CREE XML U2 LED, capable of pumping out between 700 and 800 lumens of brilliant illumination. A 50 percent mode allows you to increase burn time if you don't need the full power.

Price $158.38
Regular price $186.33 -15%
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SeaLife Flex-Connect Arm

Direct light where ever you need it Expand your underwater camera set with one “click!” - The Flex Arm allows for creative lighting, easy aiming, and reduced backscatter by positioning... 

Price $50.91
Regular price $59.89 -15%
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The Nova 720 are machined from heavy-duty aluminum so are both lightweight and built to last. They are easy to use and provide lots of burn time. A 50 percent mode allows you to increase burn time if you don't need the full power.

Price $158.38
Regular price $186.33 -15%

SeaLife Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter (for Light)

Sealife's Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter connects Sea Dragon Lighting and Flex-Connect accessories to any underwater camera using the 1"/25mm ball joint mounting system. This heavy-duty aluminum piece is built for...

Price $59.89