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List of products by brand SCUBAPRO

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Balanced Power Inflator (BPI)

SCUBAPRO's Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) provides an efficient and reliable way to maintain perfect buoyancy control throughout your dive.

Price $97.29
Regular price $114.46 -15%
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Base Boot 5mm

An economical boot built for temperate water diving, the 5mm BASE BOOT features a sturdy outsole that provides excellent protection. Included are toe and heel caps that have been reinforced to extend the life of the boot. The side zipper makes easy work of donning and doffing, and the aggressive anti-slip tread is non-marking, a feature boat owners always appreciate.

Price $28.28
Regular price $33.27 -15%

Base Dive Boot, 4mm

The 4mm Base Boot is an economical boot built for temperate water diving. Its rubberized armor on the toe and heel caps offer lots of protection without sacrificing comfort. A thin sole increases flexibility while providing an effective anti-slip tread.

Price $31.94


ScubaPro LP Hose AIR2 BPI 65 cm 25.6 in

Scubapro LP Hose QD Coupling

Price $39.93


The BEACH BAG lets you enjoy a trouble-free day at the shore. The bag is designed to carry a complete snorkel set, plus offers compartments to hold your keys and wallet.

Price $53.24
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The Bella was specifically designed, tailored and sized for female divers who prefer the comfort and security of a front-adjustable BCD. This BCD is loaded with convenience and performance features, including SCUBAPRO’s exclusive wraparound bladder which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated, providing a comfortable fit and stable position both at depth and on the surface. It also sports a new Y-Fit shoulder design that fits the body better, allowing for excellent control and range of motion for the arms. The stainless steel triangular ring manages the forces in the Y’s center, balancing pressure over the body and keeping the harness under control for a comfortable and secure ride while cruising the depths.

Designed for Women

Price $554.32
Regular price $652.14 -15%

Bifocus Lens Fino/Zoom

Corrective lenses for ZOOM Scubapro goggles 

The lens replacement system allows you to change them yourself, without tools, and in less than a minute.

Price $53.24

Caravan Bag, Black

The CARAVAN is great for moving gear from your car trunk down to the dive boat, but it can just as easily negotiate crowded airports as you journey to exotic dive destinations. The huge main compartment features a U-shaped, corrosion-resistant YKK zipper for easy-access packing, with external compression straps to secure the load. Additional side and top pockets are perfect for smaller items. Double-duffel straps offer convenient hand-carrying, but the CARAVAN works best as a roller bag. Smooth saltwater-resistant wheels and a retractable tow handle create a superb rolling transport system. Easy to lift, carry and roll and offering lots of packing volume, the CARAVAN is a solid choice for local diving as well as long-range dive travel. 

Price $223.59


Dress up your Chromis wristwatch-style dive computer with a colorful wristband.

Price $25.29
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Circle Rash Guards Short SLV, Men

Scubapro Black Circle Men’s Swim, Beach and General Watersports shirt made of high tech fibre to protect you from extreme UV-radiation, breathable, antibacterial, dries very fast, very light weight with slightest packing size.


Breathable fabric dries very fast

UPF 80 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)

Material: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex.

Price $32.81
Regular price $38.60 -15%

Comfort Sock 3MM

Wear the new 3mm neoprene COMFORT SOCKS inside your dive boots for added comfort and warmth, as comfort liners inside full-foot fins, or by themselves when spending surface intervals on a wet and chilly boat deck. Whichever way you go, your feet will love you for it. Textured sole provides limited non-slip protection.

Price $17.30

Comfort Strap

Upgrade your diving or snorkeling mask with a new Comfort Strap. Similar to a ski goggle strap, the Comfort Strap is comfortable, protects hair from being pulled, and attaches quickly and easily to a variety of mask models. Available in lots of stylish colors.

Price $24.49