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The S270 Octopus is the ideal backup regulator for your regulator system. It is robust, reliable and easy to use. Its air-balanced design reliably delivers first-class breathing performance when you need it most.

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  • Balanced inhalation resistance at different diving depths and with changing cylinder pressure thanks to a pneumatically balanced valve.
  • The lightweight housing, made of a glass-fiber reinforced nylon core and a special PU outer layer, is extremely durable and reduces jaw fatigue for improved diving comfort.
  • The plastic cylinder made of technopolymer with a metal thread and balanced valve reduces weight and provides a surface on which ice crystals cannot stick when diving in cold water.
  • The Dive/Pre-Dive switch prevents venting when the second stage is not in use.
  • The bubble deflector is compact and efficient for minimized exhalation resistance.
  • The compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece is comfortable to wear, is made of FDA-approved silicone and has a large cross-section for maximized airflow.
  • The bright yellow front cover is eye-catching and easy to identify when needed.
  • The yellow Super Flow tube is 1 m long and has a large opening through which sufficient air can flow with each inhalation.
  • CE certified to the latest European standards EN250A for all diving conditions, including extremely cold water
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