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Spectra Trufit Mask


The SPECTRA TRUFIT features an advanced Trufit skirt design that uses very thin and soft silicone for comfort, with small ribs to provide stability. The result is a silicone skirt that keeps water out and is so soft it will mold to virtually any face shape. In addition to comfort, the SPECTRA TRUFIT's dual lens design is low volume and provides excellent field of view, and its buckle and strap system is easy to use. The push-button buckles attach to tabs on the skirt rather than on the frame. This optimizes strap angle and range of motion when dialing in fit, plus it enables the mask to be folded flat for easy packing.

Price $69.21
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Fifth Element Free Dive suit Stingray Lycra Men Camo Brown

Comfortable fitting Lycra Suit is made with a 4-way stitch Impermeaflex for diving tropical waters. Protects from the sun and jellyfish while blending in with nature’s patterns

The rear zipper looks great plus aids in donning and doffing.

Anti-abrasion Powertex material on seat and shoulders and Tatex kneepads offer lots of abrasion protection.

Permits to have a better camouflage coloring, which results in a very detailed image, even though touching it, the lining seems just slightly less elastic than the traditional Nylon.

Chest loading pad on Hooded Top. Velcro connection at the padded beavertail. Flexible Lycra foot bands to prevent legs from slipping upward.

Price $146.40
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Descent™ Mk2i


Monitor your gas and depth1 with the advanced, watch-style dive computer that comes with multisport training and smart features.

Air-integrated dive computer for you and your dive buddies.

Choose from multiple dive modes for your underwater adventure.

Measure your performance and track your stats above water.

This smart dive computer features Garmin Pay™, music and notifications.

Review dives in the Garmin Dive™ app.

The battery in your Garmin device is simply unmatched by other smartwatches.

Price $1,676.93
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Descent™ T1 Transmitter

Track your every breath when you pair the Descent™ T1 transmitter with a Descent dive computer. Monitor up to 5 tanks via SubWave™ sonar technology so you can dive with multiple tanks or see your buddy’s air levels1.

Descent T1 enables you to monitor tank pressure, remaining air time and air consumption rate for multiple types of diving.

Price $399.27